Sunday, December 4, 2011

We Think of You

K.C. Bull and Dave Wilson (Ribbons) spent several months visiting RCA beach in Bolinas, studying the space, and organizing a large collaborative stop motion event which took place on September 10th, 2011. Over 40 people contributed from sun up till sun down to make the stop motion film working under a 16ft tripod built by K.C. and Dave. Dave recently brought the film to Japan as part of a creative exchange. The field of radio towers above RCA beach was the site to receive the first trans-pacific radio transmission from Japan in 1913. The RCA event was a day to keep Japan's recent healings in mind and put forth a new transmission "We Think of You."

The soundtrack was a piece created as a backdrop for the day of the event. One September eve, 4 tape players were set around the Bolinas community center.
The music makers:
Trishna Horvath
Douglas Kirby
Vanessa Waring
Elizabeth U
Elias Reitz
Dave Wilson
Jefferey Manson

The song was played back on the 4 tape players hanging on each of the 4 legs of the "quad-pod" on the day of the event. These sounds set the mood for an integral portion of the day.

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